Dinosaurs and MOR! Member Appreciation Evening

Dinosaurs and MOR! kicks off on Friday evening with a Members-Only Appreciation Night. Renowned paleoartist and dinosaur graphic novel author Ted Rechlin will screen a preview of The Tale of Horns and Teeth!, an animated film he is producing for MOR. Right after the premiere, hang around for a panel discussion with Ted, MOR's Paleontology Curator Dr. John Scannella, and Director of Exhibitions Scott Williams on how the film was made, what does the science say, and what is speculation? Members-only Bonus! Many of Saturday's world-class paleontology guest speakers will be present to meet.

Cost: For MOR members

Age: All Ages

For More Information
 (406) 994-2251

Museum of the Rockies
600 West Kagy Boulevard
Bozeman, MT 59717

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