The Anti-Perfectionism Group

Self-work is hard on its own. When layered with perfectionism's nagging anxieties about being judged or "doing it wrong", showing up fully in our messy, imperfect, human lives can be that much more challenging. The more that we can name, accept, and notice when perfectionism tendencies are being activated, the more that we can choose the imperfect messy choice that leads us more towards authenticity—even when it's scary. Through support, storytelling, and self-compassion practices, we can allow perfectionism to be on stage with us, but not direct the show. Join the anti-perfectionism group — a 5-week virtual processing group on perfectionism, enoughness, and self-compassion with a focus on community, connection, and conversation.

Cost: $27

Age: 18+


This event is over.

Every Wednesday until Apr. 5, 5:20-6:20pm

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