Ecstatic Dance

A safe space of creative self-expression. Doors Open: 6:00 pm. Dancing Starts: 7:00 pm Ecstatic dance is an 80-minute meditative practice utilizing movement & dance to help you connect deeper with the present moment, your physical self, and the cool people dancing with you. Groove, twist, jive, skip, stretch, play. This is your space to be you, shaking out stuck energy and releasing the body tension that no longer serves you. More than just the dance, this space is an incredible place to meet cool people in our community. Each dance features a welcome social hour, tea service throughout, and time to reflect after the music stops. This is an alcohol-free space. This is a family-friendly event. Children are welcome. This is A Community Creation: No experience will be the same, and depending on which of our awesome community attends our dance may include • Live DJ • Live Drums • Body Paints • Closing Sound Bath • Opening movement exercises • Whatever YOU want to bring to our dance. Rules of the Dance floor: 1.) All are welcome as long as you enter our space with compassion 2.) Refrain from talking on the dance floor. That’s why we have a tea lounge. 3.) No alcohol is allowed. Let dance be your social lubrication 4.) No pictures or videos on the dance floor. This is a safe space of creative self-expression 5.) Only touch when there is clear consent. If it’s not a clear yes, it is a NO 6.) This is your experience. BE YOU. There is no right or wrong way to move. 7.) Bring a water bottle. Stay Hydrated.

Cost: 22

Age: All Ages


This event is over.

Fri. Feb. 10, 2023   6-10pm

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