Tergar Bozeman

Tergar Bozeman, a new practice group within the Tergar International Meditation Community under the guidance of Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Master Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. The group practice leaders will be offering Rinpoche’s Joy of Living curriculum weekly starting Wednesday, January 11, 2023  from 5:30-7PM.

Though rooted in the ancient Buddhist teachings of Tibet, the practices taught in the Joy of Living are not religious in nature. They deal with basic functions of the mind, such as recognition of awareness and the movements toward happiness and away from suffering. In working with these qualities of mind, we gradually transform our relationship to present–moment experience, learning to approach every thought, feeling, and sensory experience with unconditional warmth and acceptance.  

Each session includes guided meditations and group discussion and practice tips on how to apply these practices to daily life. Open to everyone, regardless of belief or experience, whether new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, Rinpoches’s teaching offer a fresh, accessible approach to Buddhist meditation and practices to calm the mind, open the heart and awaken wisdom.


This event is over.

Every Wednesday until Mar. 29, 5:30-7pm

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