Safe Place

Discover the perfect dance floor, that will allow you to kick off your shoes and instantly start cutting loose. Our Intentional Dance party gives a comfortable space for people to dance simply with the intention of finding joy. This is an alcohol & drug-free event meant to build community around the shared experience of movement. Together we dance because it feels good physically, mentally & spiritually. Bryant, Our Intentional Dance Guide will begin the night with a body check-in before launching right into the first dance. Ibiza will transport us to Spain and its incredible 90’s progressive house scene. The party goes from 9:00 – 12:00 pm unless the dance floor is out of control. Then we dance until 1:00 am. Our Mantra: You are entering a safe place. We accept everyone. All Sexes, All Genders, All Ethnic Backgrounds, All Skin Tones, All Religions All are welcome as long as they enter with compassion. Together in song, dance & movement, we create a community.

Cost: $15

Age: 16+


This event is over.

Every Friday until Jan. 21, 9pm

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