End of Summer Celebration of Readers

406Cirque returns to the Bozeman Public Library on Friday, August 27 at 3pm, to present a free circus class and show featuring international talent from 4 different countries! These professional performers will be not only bringing the best of their skill set to the Library, they will be sharing those skills free of charge with all the participants. “We want to celebrate our 3rd anniversary at the place where everything started, which is the Bozeman Public Library! We’ve come a long way, and it’s thanks to the support of this amazing community” says Paúl Gomex, ringmaster and founder of 406Cirque.

The program includes a free ALL STARS  show, followed by a class where the stars of the show become the coaches who will share with the audience a progression of skills. The class features juggling (diabolo, balls, clubs, poi, flower sticks) balance (unicycle and walking globe), aerial (silks and trapeze)and acting.

Join us for a celebration of all summer readers with a circus performance, hands-on circus skills class, and ice cream! For more information, please call the Children’s Desk at (406) 582-2404.

Cost: FREE

Age: Kids


This event is over.

Fri. Aug. 27, 2021   3pm

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