GVLT Summer Trails Challenge 2021

From June 5 – 25, 2021, track and log your hiking, walking, biking, and running trail miles to help us reach our goal of 65,000 miles. Each mile logged on a trail during the 6th annual Summer Trails Challenge will earn GVLT a $1 donation from the Community Match Pool funded by some of your favorite local businesses. Trails Challenge Rules: Remember, the deal is $1 for one mile. It’s scouts honor, folks. We don’t check anyone’s mileage so please, be honest when tracking and logging your miles. You can log miles daily or in batches, whatever is easiest. It doesn’t have to be a GVLT trail, but please limit it to the trails in our region. Share the challenge on social media, challenge your kids or your friends, challenge a co-worker. A little competition goes a long way. We love it when you send photos and tag us on social media so we can re-share them with the rest of the GVLT universe. Stay tuned to social media and this site for updates of special prize days where local businesses will reward folks who log their miles on that day. Teams: Sponsoring businesses are included in the drop-down menu on the logging form. If you’re a client, employee, or friend of the business, make sure to credit your miles to their team to help them reach their goals! We know not everyone has the ability to use trails, if you want to help in a different way, please email ej@gvlt.org. Your support is important and we’ll find a way for you to help. Most important, next time you’re at one of these fantastic STC Sponsor Businesses, make sure to say thanks! With social distancing still recommended, please considering the following when hitting the trails and tracking your miles (we will update as CDC, City and State guidelines change) Maintain 6 feet of social distance on the trail. Step aside if possible when you encounter another party. Avoid carpooling with people outside of your home. Avoid high touch surfaces like playgrounds, trash cans and bathrooms. Do not use the trails if you are feeling sick or have a fever. Consider wearing a mask, particularly on busy trails where social distancing is more challenging. Pack out trash and dog waste. Not all receptacles are being emptied as often as normal. Obey all leash rules to avoid having to approach others to retrieve dogs.

Cost: FREE

Age: All Ages

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