Stars of American Ballet

Montana Ballet Company (MBC) is delighted to announce its Inaugural CONNECTIONS production, proudly presenting Stars of American Ballet, starring Principals and Soloists from New York City Ballet. CONNECTIONS 2019 will be held one night only on Friday, June 4 at 7 pm at the Willson Auditorium.

MBC Artistic Director, Elizabeth DeFanti, notes that decades ago, MBC Founding Director, Ann Bates, created a program called “NY Connection” where artists from New York City Ballet worked with MBC both teaching and performing during the summer months.

DeFanti decided to create CONNECTIONS to honor the NY Connection legacy and provide an opportunity for Montana Ballet and its valued audiences to “connect” to the national dance community.

MBC is thrilled to welcome Stars of American Ballet for its very first CONNECTIONS. Stars of American Ballet was founded by New York City Ballet Principal Dancer Daniel Ulbricht and currently tours around the world performing, offering master classes, pre-performance lectures and community outreach programs. The mission of Stars of American Ballet is “to one day see all parts of this country entertained, educated, lifted up and inspired by the art of ballet and great dancing, delivered to anyone, anywhere who wishes to share this experience.”

For its Bozeman debut, Stars will perform a brilliant, evening-long program including iconic works by New York City Ballet Co-Founder George Balanchine, considered the most notable contemporary choreographer in the world of ballet. Montana Ballet Company will open the program.

With world renowned dancers and choreography, CONNECTIONS ~ Stars of American Ballet, will captivate audiences.


This event is over.

Fri. Jun. 4, 2021   7pm

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