Financial Literacy

In this virtual introductory class, we will talk about important financial fundamentals such as the power of compounding interest, the time value of money, the impacts of taxes, along with other important financial altering principles. In this class, the instructor will be discussing the 7 Money Milestones which is the order of importance regarding what you need to focus on at any point of your life. It doesn't matter if you are just starting out financially, actively engaged in the prime years of your professional life, or approaching/currently in retirement, there is something for you. The certified financial educator will also teach some of the little-known facts about where your money is right now and what it is or is not doing for you. No specific financial products will be discussed in this class. This is simply an educational class to help you better understand How Money Works. Class price includes the book "How Money Works" by Tom Mathews and Steve Siebold. Shirley Law is a Certified Financial Educator with the Heartland Institute of Financial Education, a non-profit organization that promotes financial literacy in the workplace and in communities.

Cost: $18

Age: 16+


This event is over.

Mon. May. 17, 2021   7-9pm

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