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Bozeman Farmers Market Article/PSA

What does this mean for the weekly Tuesday evening Bozeman Farmers Market?

Deemed an essential service amid COVID-19,  the Bozeman Farmers Market (BFM) at Lindley Park is scheduled to open on June 16th. This will be a phased opening and will look a little different this year, at least to start. BFM will be following all CDC, state and local best practices guidelines.  BFM asks that all market attendees mind these guidelines and utilize hand sanitizer & hand-washing stations and enjoy Lindley Park’s vastness that allows them to have ample space for great flow between customers for social distancing. Members of the community are asked to show up and support this outdoor Farmers Market and community event, but with great respect for the restrictions that are placed on the market. In order for this to work, BFM will need your continued support and for everyone to adhere to the best practices for the public safety of its participants, customers, and volunteers.

In an effort to increase the cleanliness of the market, public hand-washing stations will be installed, in addition to every vendor having hand sanitizer available for customers to use. The BFM team wants you to utilize these sanitary tools as often as possible during your market visit, so as to ensure the safety of everyone in attendance.  Additionally, the volunteers will be cleaning and disinfecting continuously throughout and during the market hours. While BFM will be increasing sanitation at its event, it is recommended to wear a mask if that would make you feel more comfortable. Furthermore, it is recommended that each individual stay a considerate 6 feet distance away from others where possible. This year will be more of a “grab-n-go” type of event, which will ensure that the market is maintainable.

Please note, the BFM team is monitoring the situation closely and as the state of the nation is constantly changing, it will too. To maintain the utmost transparency with all of you, communications will be sent out to keep everyone informed on how things could impact the Bozeman Farmers Market this summer.

BFM wants you all to know that its team is working hard to bring this Market to our community amid the chaos of this pandemic and hope to see you all very soon. They thank you in advance for your continued support for your local farmer, artist, musician & maker during these trying times. This Market celebrates a healthy community. Join Bozeman for the freshest that there is...straight from the producer and into your hands.

Bozeman Farmers’ Market - Tuesday, June 16th - September 8th, 2020
Located Lindley Park (between Cypress Ave and Buttonwood Avenue from 5pm-8pm.

For more info visit us at:



This event is over.

Every Tuesday until Sep. 8, 5-8pm

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