Film Series: Hannah Arendt CANCELED

Friday, April 3 
Film Series: Hannah Arendt 
MSU Procrastinator Theater, 6:15-9pm
This 2012 feature film from director Margarethe von Trotta presents a closer look at Hannah Arendt, a political theorist who has had a profound impact on discourses surrounding totalitarianism, the Holocaust, and the experience of being a refugee in post-World-War-II society. In addition to the movie which starts at 6:30pm, this event will feature a brief welcome address at 6:15 followed by a roundtable of Montana teachers and MSU professors at 8:30pm. Refreshments on site. 


This event is over.

Fri. Apr. 3, 2020   6:15-9pm

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MSU Procrastinator Theater
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