Kinetic Meditation POSTPONED

Kinetic Meditation is a dance practice inspired by the 5 Rhythms teachings of Gabriel Roth. Bryant & Leah teach friends how to find comfort in their movements, to the live drums of the rhythms. Creating a safe space in sound, participants let go of insecurities, learn to breathe in uncomfortable situations, and find joy in their bodies.

Cost: $15

Age: 18+


This event is over.

Fri. Feb. 28, 2020   6-7:30pm

Fri. Mar. 6, 2020   5-6:30pm

Fri. Mar. 13, 2020   6-7:30pm

Fri. Mar. 20, 2020   5-6:30pm

Fri. Mar. 27, 2020   6-7:30pm

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