Book Signing: Amelia Darehart, The Most Daring Snail of Her Time

“Amelia Darehart, The Most Daring Snail of Her Time” by Eileen Tenney.
The story, which includes, friendship imagination, sadness, bravery,
determination, fear, joy, and most all kindness, is about a common garden
snail’s choice, to embark on a daring adventure, that could save her life.
Follow this common garden snail’s journey, as she travels through life’s
emotional encounters, just as her namesake, Amelia Darehart did.

Find out how Amelia Darehart becomes, The Most Daring Snail of Her Time.
Book signing at the Country Book Shelf on Saturday October 28 th at 3:00 PM the Bozeman Senior Center on Wednesday November 1 st , 10: 00 AM, and the Gallatin History Museum on December 10 th 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. My original illustrations will be on display. All ages are welcome.


This event is over.

Fri. Nov. 1, 2019   10am

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