The Rocks Speak-Silliman Presentation

The Rocks Speak

An Illustrated Lecture by Lee Silliman

Monday, October 28, 2019, 6:30 PM

This richly illustrated lecture by photographer Lee Silliman will focus upon the subject of indigenous people’s rock art found throughout the western United States.  These tangible records offer insightful hints into the culture of Native Americans who have occupied this continent for thousands of years.  After defining the two basic types of rock art—pictograph and petroglyph—the talk will delve into the subjects of visitation etiquette, vandalism, and the difficulty of dating and interpreting rock art.  The talk will conclude with a survey of the many rock art sites open to public visitation in the West.  Numerous books on the subject (picture books and guide books) from the speaker’s personal library will also be on display for patron inspection.  This talk complements Silliman’s thirty-two black and white photographs of rock art which are on display at the Artrium Gallery in the Bozeman Public Library from September 3 through October 28, 2019.

Lee Silliman is a retired educator and museum archivist living in Missoula.  His large format photography has been displayed in numerous museums since 1988.  He particularly enjoys seeking out backcountry Indian ruins and rock art in the American Southwest.

For more information about the presentation, please contact Erin Mock in the Library Foundation office at (406) 582-2425 or email  at

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Mon. Oct. 28, 2019   6:30pm

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