Free Family Concert

Princess Fearless in Space

A Musical space fantasy with an array of galactic factoids for adventuresome kids and parents alike

Princess Fearless (aka award-winning singer-songwriter Mindy Dillard) takes us on an adventure through our solar system (Round the Solar System). First, we blast off from Planet Earth (Space Bus) and learn about all the debris in orbit (Space Junk). We rocket on to the moon and build three houses, just like the three little pigs (House on the Moon). After that, we tighten the straps of our rocket chairs and helmets and visit each of the planets in order (Rocket Chair). Then we travel through the corona of a star and into our hearts. (Inner Space) Our journey concludes as we imagine ourselves back on earth, looking up at the night sky. (Great Big Stars)

Event will be either in the Large Community Room (If weather is rainy) or behind the Library near the bridge to Lindley Park if it is sunny and warm.

Cost: FREE

Age: all ages


This event is over.

Fri. Jun. 21, 2019   10:30am-noon

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