Guided Tour of GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World

Our renowned docents will expertly guide you through the GUITAR exhibition and bring it to life each day.


This event is over.

Mon. Jun. 11, 2018   1:45-2:45pm

Mon. Jun. 18, 2018   1:45-2:45pm

Mon. Jun. 25, 2018   1:45-2:45pm

Mon. Jul. 2, 2018   1:45-2:45pm

Mon. Jul. 9, 2018   1:45-2:45pm

Mon. Jul. 16, 2018   1:45-2:45pm

Mon. Jul. 23, 2018   1:45-2:45pm

Mon. Jul. 30, 2018   1:45-2:45pm

Mon. Aug. 6, 2018   1:45-2:45pm

Mon. Aug. 13, 2018   1:45-2:45pm

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