Permaculture Homestead Series

Learn how to design an integrated homestead that captures water, improves your soil and produces healthy organic fruits and vegetables! Leave this class with an integrated design of your own property. The series is split up into four sessions over the course of two Saturdays, April 21 and 28 from 9am to 3pm. Session 1: Designing Your Permaculture Homestead An introduction to the ethics and principles underlying permaculture. This session will give you a foundation for incorporating permaculture principles and practices into the design of not only your homestead but your life. Session 2: Start with the Soil Healthy soil means healthy plants. Learn ways to cycle nutrients on your property, enhance natural systems and improve your soil through composting, compost teas, green manures, and growing your own biomass. This session covers traditional composting methods, vermiculture, and much more! Session 3: Capturing Water Understanding water patterns and capturing water on your landscape is fundamental to a good permaculture homestead. This workshop will cover water harvesting techniques such as swales, rain gardens and rainbarrels and give examples of successes that have been achieved on properties across the world. Session 4: Food Forests and Small Animals Have your home-scale garden mimic a forest ecosystem with berries, fruit trees and edible perennials. Learn how to apply the principles of ecology to create an edible forest in your backyard. Then, learn how to incorporate small animals like chickens, ducks and rabbits into your homestead. **Although it is most beneficial to take all four sessions, participants can also take individual sessions. Cost is $45 for one session or $149 for the series. Please register in advance.

Cost: $45 per session or $149 for the series


This event is over.

Sat. Apr. 21, 2018   9am-3pm

Sat. Apr. 28, 2018   9am-3pm

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