Wonderlust: Redefining "History" for the 21st Century

Register for free at montana.edu/wonderlust How “history” is perceived, defined, and used has changed over the centuries, sometimes radically. In this presentation, we will journey through history’s past, noting major shifts and the people and events that drove those shifts. Are we on the cusp of another major change? Humans are rapidly transforming the natural world in highly impactful ways. And those transformations are, in turn, transforming us – our bodies, our cultures, our institutions. Is the discipline of history expanding to include and better articulate this relatively new reality? Brett Walker is Regents Professor of History at Montana State University, the youngest Regents Professor in the Montana University System. A Montana native, he was assistant professor of history at Yale University prior to returning to Montana in 1999. In 2013, Brett received the prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship for his global research project The Slow Dying: Asbestos and the Unmaking of the Modern World. At MSU, he teaches environmental history, Japanese history and world history.

Cost: FREE

Age: Adults


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Thu. Apr. 5, 2018   3-5pm

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