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Cassi is a writing instructor and veteran services tutor at MSU and also works for Montana Gift Corral. She loves exploring everything Montana has to
offer and spending time with her husky named Flames. She can be reached

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Fri. Sep. 1st, 2017

Beyond the Grind: What Do You Know About Eating Bison?

Cassi Miller

Ask yourself that question: What do you really know about eating bison? I know that bison burgers taste fantastic. I know it’s a leaner meat than beef. That is about the extent of my knowledge. I never considered the world of…

Fri. Sep. 1st, 2017

Colombo’s Pizza and Pasta

photos by Zach Hoffman, by Cassi Miller

America’s love affair with pizza has deep roots. What started as a favorite dish for soldiers stationed in Italy during World War II has become a Friday-night favorite to families across the entire nation. We worship pizza, attach the…

Wed. Aug. 2nd, 2017

Dave's Sushi

photos by Zach Hoffman, by Cassi Miller

It's Always A Party At Dave’s!

Sat. Jul. 1st, 2017

Wild Crumb Artisan Bread & Pastries

photos by Zach Hoffman, by Cassi Miller

Do you remember baking with mom when you were little? Hands clamped excitedly on the edge of the counter while you struggled to peer over at all the ingredients laid out in order of use according to the recipe. Joyously whipping everything…

Thu. Jun. 1st, 2017

The Gravel Bar

Cassi Miller

I consider myself a unique kind of adventure-seeker. You’ll find a variety of people under the term “adventure-seeker” in these parts. Some are in it for the hikes into often untouched wilderness, some will hop on a river…

Mon. May. 1st, 2017

Jam! Let’s Do Brunch

Cassi Miller

Brunch. It’s everyone’s favorite fused word and everyone’s favorite lazy-day meal. It manages to gather together gaggles of chatty friends who hash out and try to recall the hazy details of the weekend’s events and…

Sat. Apr. 1st, 2017

Taco Montes

Cassi Miller

Personality and charm. Bozeman has it in spades. Each neighborhood you cruise through and each street you walk down possesses its own sense of place. The Willson Avenue area is steeped in history and gorgeous, old architecture. The North…

Wed. Mar. 1st, 2017

Five On Black

photos by Zach Hoffman, by Cassi Miller

When we think about food and Montana, there are some traditional staples that always come to mind: steak, buffalo burgers, and huckleberries just to name a few. It is cowboy, old west, chuck wagon fare. Montana food is hearty, rich, and…

Wed. Feb. 1st, 2017

The Haufbrau: A Bozeman Icon

Cassi Miller

Locals and transplants alike know there are certain things one must do as rites of passage when you become a citizen of Bozeman. You have to hike the M. In the summertime, you have to float the Madison. You have to attend a Farmer’s…

Thu. Dec. 1st, 2016

Exude Love: Cateye Cafe

Cassi Miller

Do you know that feeling when you just instantly click with someone you’ve never met before? There’s trepidation in going to a new place or meeting someone new, and if they are able to help in some way by cutting through that…

Tue. Nov. 1st, 2016

Ted's Montana Grill

photos by Zach Hoffman, by Cassi Miller

Part of the allure of the West is our celebration and desire for hearty, delicious food. Looking at our heritage and history, food is what brings people together for nourishment, both in body and in soul. It’s easy to imagine a group of…

Sat. Oct. 1st, 2016

Eat Naked: The Favorite Local Slogan from Naked Noodle

photos by Zach Hoffman, by Cassi Miller

Main Street. It’s the culturally diverse epicenter of life in Bozeman. Home to Music on Main, Bobcat Fest, the Sweet Pea parade, and a slew of other oft-celebrated events. But, what happens when you leave the confines of this street? What…

Fri. Sep. 2nd, 2016


photos by Zach Hoffman, by Cassi Miller

To look at North 19th Avenue in Bozeman is to look at what seems like an endless array of chains. Don’t get me wrong, I do think chain and big box stores serve a very valuable purpose to a community (employing local people, namely), but…

Mon. Aug. 1st, 2016

La Tinga

Cassi Miller

I’ll say one thing about Bozeman foodies: we are as loyal as can be. If people in this town absolutely love a restaurant, they will follow it to the ends of the earth. They’ll go through location moves, hour changes, menu…

Fri. Jul. 1st, 2016

New Eats and Drinks for Summer Time

Cassi Miller

Boy, when summer time hits in Bozeman, you can feel it. I’m not just talking about the heat though. I’m talking about the excitement, the veritable buzz in the air as people venture out to farmers’ markets, live music,…

Wed. Jun. 1st, 2016

Cupcake Mountain Cupcakery

Cassi Miller

There’s no doubt that Bozeman has a sweet tooth. We love our beer, we love our local food, and we love delicious desserts. Amid this town’s search for the perfect sugary end to every culinary experience arose Cupcake Mountain…

Mon. May. 2nd, 2016

On the Go with: Tumbleweeds Gourmet

Cassi Miller

Let me tell you a story. It was Halloween 2014, but for once there was no snow on the ground and the weather was tolerable enough to be outside sans coats. After a few libations in downtown Bozeman, my friends and I, dressed as a pirate, a…

Fri. Apr. 1st, 2016

From Farm to Pizza

Cassi Miller

An Afternoon Chat with Sola and Red Tractor’s Tiffany Lach

Tue. Mar. 1st, 2016

New On The Menu: Breakfast at Starky's

Cassi Miller

The day was a perfect winter postcard, the type that has Bozeman residents fighting off that insatiable powder fever. Soft, white blasts of snow burst from the sky covering all outside surfaces in under a half hour. With such an authentic day…

Mon. Feb. 1st, 2016

Mint Cafe-Bar

photos by Zach Hoffman, by Cassi Miller

A Tradition Returns