Cactus Records is Proud to Celebrate Record Store Day April 13, 2019

Tuesday Mar. 12th, 2019

The 2019 Record Store Day celebration at Cactus Records & Gifts starts the moment the 2nd customer gets in line outside of the doors, which open at 9 AM on April 13th, and wraps up when the doors close (approx. 7pm). 

Cactus Records has participated in the event since its first year, April 19th, 2008, and every year Cactus features live in-store music performances.  This year will feature performances by Wire Rider @ 6pm, The Dirty Dirty @ 5pm,  The Dusty Pockets at 4pm, The Million Sellers at 3pm, Bigsby Jones at 2pm, Laney Lou & the Bird Dogs (new album early release listening party/meet-and-greet/short live performance) at 1pm, and Elisha G.A. Mann at 12 noon.  Those of us at Cactus humbly submit that if you're not there, well, we hate to say it, but you might be square. 

In between, attendants can expect to find access to hundreds of limited-edition Record Store Day and regular inventory releases, experience lots of live music (starting at 12 pm), killer sales, an opportunity for music hunters to listen to and show off their trophies at the Burn Box after party at the Rialto starting at 8 pm, and as always, the ever-renewing love Cactus Records has for its oh-so-special and unique customers. 

And that’s not all!  There will also be great deals from a number of generous Bozeman businesses, including Burger Bobs & the Cannery, Pickle Barrel, free beer from the fine folks at Montucky and MAP brewing (provided you’re 21 or older!), breakfast sausages & hot dogs for sale from Lotte Dogs mobile hot dog stand, and shockingly generous giveaways, special sales, and other expressions of Cactus’s profound love and admiration for you, their customers.

In addition to all the in-store fun, Record Store Day also means the release of hundreds of exclusive pressings of LPs (and EPs) by The Grateful Dead, Dr Dre, Iggy Pop, Pearl Jam, the Death Grips, Bill Evans, Queen, Prince, The Raconteurs, Kool Keith, Wes Montgomery, The Rolling Stones, Jeff Tweedy, The White Stripes, Anderson Paak (and his band the Free Nationals) and countless more!  To find a full list of these releases go to .

On April 13th, Cactus Records will be just one of the hundreds of stores around the world helping bring music lovers and their local, independent stores together for the annual Record Store Day celebration.  Now in its 11th year, Record Store Day has been described by its creators as "a way to celebrate and spread the word about the unique culture surrounding nearly 1400 independently owned record stores in the US and thousands of similar stores internationally."  Traditionally, each year an artist has been declared "Record Store Ambassador", a post previously held by St. Vincent, Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop, Dave Grohl, Metallica and this year by Pearl Jam.

Cactus Records would like to thank all of their sponsors who were generous enough to donate goods and services to this year’s celebration of Record Store Day, including Map Brewing, Montucky Cold Snacks, the Pickle Barrel, Haufbrau, the Cannery, the Filling Station, Fire Artisan Pizza, the Whittier Parent Advisory Council, Country Bookshelf, Cosmic Pizza, jam!, Bozone, Bozeman Magazine, SLAM festival, Movie Lovers, Lotte Dogs, the Rialto and the Burn Box, all of the bands that will be performing in store, and of course, you.

For more information about Record Store Day, please go to, and be sure to check the Cactus Records events page for more info on the live music featured at the event.  The staff of Cactus Records and the music-loving community of Bozeman hope to see you there.

Cactus Records & gifts is located at 29 W. Main St. in downtown Bozeman and online at