Ramcharger 8 Tower Installation at Big Sky Resort

Monday Oct. 1st, 2018

On Monday, October 1, crews from Doppelmayr and Big Sky Resort will install lift towers on the new Ramcharger 8, the most technologically-advanced chairlift in the world. Lift tower installation will be executed via Blackhawk helicopter and ground operations teams.

At the base of Big Sky Resort’s Andesite Mountain, Ramcharger 8, the new 8-seat, high-speed D-line chairlift will be the first of its kind in the world. Featuring ergonomically-shaped, extra-wide heated seats and a weather-proof bubble, Ramcharger 8 is the most technologically-advanced chairlift ever built. Big Sky Resort is committed to delivering a world-class mountain experience to its guests by offering unrivaled comfort, safety and aesthetics on the way up the hill. 3,200 skiers per hour can ride up Andesite Mountain on Ramcharger 8. Ramcharger’s debut in December 2018 means less time on chairlifts, and more time skiing and riding Big Sky’s 5,800+ acres of terrain.