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You’re Weird: A Creative Journal for Misfits, Oddballs, and Anyone Else Who’s Uniquely Awesome

Tuesday Jul. 11th, 2017

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, more than one out of every five students report being bullied. The top reported reasons include looks (55%), body shape (37%), and race (16%). In such a diverse world, young kids, teens, and even adults are pressured day in and day out to fit into a mold.

In Kate Peterson’s quirky and refreshing interactive book, YOU’RE WEIRD: A Creative Journal for Misfits, Oddballs, and Anyone Else Who’s Uniquely Awesome, we’re free to explore the eccentric sides of ourselves in a no judgement zone. A successful, self-taught illustrator who creates under the name of The Dapper Jackalope, Kate Peterson gives readers an animated, fun-loving guided journal for self- expression. Featuring Kate’s own strange creatures, colorable quotes, silly prompts, and twists on popular idioms, YOU’RE WEIRD celebrates what makes each of us extraordinary human beings.

Whether you are a young kid, an old soul, or a parent advocating originality in your child’s life, YOU’RE WEIRD will leave you doodling and creating with a smile on your face! YOU’RE WEIRD is on sale now.

About the Author:
 Kate Peterson is a Bozeman native and self-taught illustrator who sells her prints, cards and illustrations under the name The Dapper Jackalope. Her illustrations have been featured in Apartment Therapy, Buzzfeed, and The Frisky. She is based in Boise, Idaho. To learn more about Kate, visit her website