July Cover Artist: Steven Fullerton

Friday Jul. 1st, 2016

Steven Fullerton is a 25 year old living in Bozeman, MT. Steven was born and raised in Rapid City, SD, on the east edge of the beautiful Black Hills. Surprisingly large peaks and granite spires fill the island of hills, jetting out of the vast South Dakota prairie. Montana, on the other hand, is a different story. Everything is bigger here. It’s raw and untouched, it’s where Steven feels he needs to be.

High School photography classes laid the ground work for Stevens art. The HS classes taught him the basics, but he didn’t turn photography into a hobby until he got an Iphone. With a powerful camera in his pocket he started having a lot of fun messing around with shots. That progressed until he was getting a lot of positive feedback from family and friends. This sparked the interest in buying a good DSLR camera. The rest is history!

“I’m drawn to open country. It’s where everything becomes clear. Where the world makes the most sense. When I put myself out there I always return with something new. A friend once told me, the best journeys answer questions that in the beginning you didn’t even think to ask.” Jeff Johnson  

“I hope my pictures inspire you go see your world...” Steven Fullerton