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DREAM Buddy Walk

Dinosaur Playground
Corner of Oak and Davis, Bozeman

Sat. Oct. 110am

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2nd Annual Bozeman's Choice Readers Poll coming soon

by Angie Ripple

In 2015 Bozeman Magazine launched the first ever Bozeman's Choice Readers Poll, we asked our readers to tell us what they like, don't like, where they go and what they love. Over 550 readers engaged in online voting, adding their own answers to best of choices, in turn being voted on by other readers.

There is no shortage of options when it comes to our categories!

On October 1st the 2nd Annual Bozeman's Choice Readers Poll will go live on we encourage local businesses to print a poster or table tent (available on our website) and share the poll via their social media venues in order to gain the most votes and be named Bozeman's Choice! Results will be revealed in the January 2017 issue of Bozeman Magazine, and this years poll will be the 2017 Bozeman's Choice.

We wish you all the best!!

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