9am-5pm Thu. Nov. 7

Amazing Butterflies Exhibition

Adventure through the leaves, move like a caterpillar, discover an ant that reaps the reward of an unusual friendship, then transform into a butterfly and take flight!

Museum of the Rockies 600 West Kagy Boulevard, Bozeman

Cost: Included with admission

Age: All Ages

11am-noon Thu. Nov. 7

The Cozy Cafe

Are you a parent or caregiver of a child less than one year old? If so, please join us for a FREE informal support group for parents and caregivers of newborns and infants.

The Cozy Nest 2020 Gilkerson Drive, Bozeman

Cost: FREE

Age: Newborn to 1 year old

5-6:30pm Thu. Nov. 7

Blueprint Celebration

An event to celebrate the community’s support for youth experiencing temporary homelessness.

HRDC 32 South Tracy Ave, Bozeman

Cost: FREE