Bozeman Barracudas TYR Teddy Bear Swim Meet

More than 250 of Montana’s top swimmers to compete for teddy bears at the TYR Teddy Bear Classic Swim Meet at Bozeman Swim Center from 8am-4pm on Saturday, December 8th and Sunday, December 9th from 8-4pm.

Youth and adult swimmers from across Montana come to compete.  This year, Charlotte Sanddal, in the 95 to 99 age group, stands to bring down a few Master’s Swimming national records. As Sanddal races the clock in the hunt for another national record, younger swimmers will be looking to garner the most points for their team in order to be crowned high point athlete for his or her age group.

High point athletes typically receive a trophy or medal, but at this swim meet swimmers receive a teddy bear. This award is a favorite amongst the Montana Swimmers in attendance. Even current Bozeman High School swimmers still have teddy bears they won in years previous. A couple high school swimmers still plan to rack up a few more bears at this year’s meet.

“It is important to the high school swimmers to participate in the meet, whether it be competing, timing or cheering on their younger teammates looking to win their first teddy bear,” says Coach Kyle Harris, head coach of the Bozeman Barracudas.

“My son still has his teddy bear on his bed from years past,” mentions a Barracuda parent.

“The teddy bears are a big deal, say another parent as he describes having to call a hotel and ask them to ship his son’s teddy bear to them.

The Bozeman Barracudas host this meet every December and with the addition of a new bulkhead last year, the team is able to elevate the competition and attendance to this meet. The Bozeman Barracudas welcome the over 250 families that will be in Bozeman for the TYR Teddy Bear Classic Swim Meet.  


This event is over.

Sat. Dec. 8, 2018   8am-4pm

Sun. Dec. 9, 2018   8am-4pm

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