Cassie Pfannenstiel


Cassie Pfannenstiel is an intern and senior at MSU. She has a passion for cultural and social issues, in her free time she enjoys playing polo for MSU and cracking jokes with her improv troupe.

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Sat. Aug. 1st, 2020

What Sweet Pea Festival and SLAM Festival Will Look Like This Year

Cassie Pfannenstiel

The Sweet Pea Festival is one of the highlights of summer in Bozeman. It is a three-day, family-friendly festival with a mission of “promoting and cultivating the arts.” The festival usually features a long list of activities for…

Wed. Jul. 1st, 2020

The Black Lives Matter Movement As An Asian American

Cassie Pfannenstiel

The issue of race in America is complex. Many communities of varying cultures exist together often without accepting one another in a meaningful way. Growing up in a multicultural home as a mixed-race child, I often felt as a cultural…