Coquí Mountain Coffee

Owned and operated by Montana local Julie Gandulla, Coquí Mountain Coffee proudly serves gourmet Puerto Rican coffee to the Gallatin Valley.  

We have taken great efforts to personally meet and frequently visit the family farmers who grow and roast the cafe's delicious brews. Here at Coquí Mountain, we prioritize single origin, fair wage, and environmental impact. It is our goal to make you fall in love, or in many cases fall back in love, with the joy that is coffee. In this spirit our menu features traditional coffee recipes, as well as only 8 and 12 oz ware in order to encourage the palate and the experience.  

In addition to our gourmet coffee, we also serve specialty teas, Italian sodas, Smart Fruit sodas, and homemade pastries. To compliment our coffee, Coquí Mountain purchases Montana Made, natural, and organic ingredients and products whenever possible.

Known for its smooth, rich, and aromatic flavor, gourmet Puerto Rican coffee is meant to be enjoyed leisurely. Come down and enjoy a cup in the comfort of Coquí Mountain Coffee, where books, music, and conversation substitute wifi and the buzz of the outside world.