Reinforce Your IT Security Career with CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Exam

Friday Aug. 30th, 2019

There’s so much going on with the IT industry―updates here and advancements everywhere! Staying relevant, however, is no longer a matter of how well you did at school but rather how well you keep up with the trend. And you can do so by adding certifications into your profile.

But the main question is―what is the best certification at present if you’re a professional eyeing to strengthen a career in IT security? For most security experts, they would suggest to get CompTIA Security+ certified first before jumping into other security certifications.

If you want to know why CompTIA Security+, together with its corresponding SY0-501 exam, is a great way to reinforce your security career, here’s everything you need to know.  

Offered by a world-renowned IT company
Did you know that this global certification is offered by Prepaway CompTIA, a world-renowned IT association with an extensive number of IT certifications? That means passing SY0-501 exam shows your strength as a professional. CompTIA’s amazing reputation in the IT field has been going on for many years. They have been tagged as a reliable IT company with over 10 top-rated certifications for different professionals. And one of its most popular certifications is no other than CompTIA Security+.

Tagged as core security certification among many
The recognition of CompTIA Security+ isn’t something to question. Thousands of professionals can attest to its importance in the real-world setting. As a result, it has been considered as a notable security certification among those with working in IT administration, particularly in the security aspect. The reason for such distinction is that this foundational certification establishes a core understanding of different cybersecurity roles.

So, whether you are a system administrator, a security engineer, or a penetration tester, you will appreciate this credential because it features all the important security topics as well as cover top security practices.

Labeled as a badge of proficiency by most recruiters
One of the reasons why many professionals want to pass SY0-501 is that it gives them great leverage during job hunting. When applying for a job, you always want to stand out from the hundreds of applicants for just one position. And you can do so by having that icing on your cake―which is your certification. Once you successfully pass the certification exam, you won’t just be awarded with global validation but also recruitment recognition. Employers would always prioritize those who have showcased resiliency and proficiency through the completion of certification exams. Well, passing an exam isn’t as easy as you think. Hence, employers give what is due to this certification holders―and that is highlighting their application.

Now that you know the main reasons why CompTIA Security+ is a praise-worthy credential, it’s time to organize your plans for SY0-501 exam. Don’t worry―we’ll help you get through it with these amazing tips!

SY0-501 exam and everything in between
The first thing that you should know is that SY0-501 exam is a combination of multiple-choice and performance-based questions. A total number of 90 questions must be completed within a span of 90 minutes or 1 hour and 30 minutes. That means you need to spend your time answering the question wisely because of the limited time frame. Plus, the performance-based questions are quite challenging as it assesses your skill in answering problems in a virtual environment―but not a live lab.

For you to pass the exam, you need to score at least 750 out of 100 to 900 scale. It might seem difficult to successfully ace the test, but of course, you can! There are many efficient tips and tricks to help you become more than 100% ready before the scheduled exam day. Here’s how.

Don’t underestimate even if this is just an entry-level certification
Some people would think that SY0-501 exam is just an easy test because it’s a foundational exam. But don’t take it too lightly because this exam is very important to give you core security understanding. So, make sure to focus on the exam topics, which include fundamental cybersecurity skills, penetration testing, network architecture concepts, vulnerability scanning topics, public key infrastructure, management controls, wireless security settings, identity services, and related topics. But there’s no need to worry because there’s a specific study guide provided by CompTIA for the exam, which is available in eBook or printed format. Plus, this study guide covers all exam objectives.

Avail of different learning resources
While books are still essential references when preparing for an exam, online training courses have been more advantageous to most professionals. It’s because these are very convenient, allowing you to train anywhere and anytime. Not only that, CompTIA has a designated E-learning content for Security+, which is loaded with training videos, flashcards, and practical practice tests. In addition to physical and online resources, enrolling in an interactive lab is highly recommended so that you will be showered with realistic training and substantial practical skills. This hands-on lab environment is offered by CompTIA CertMaster Labs.

Practice makes perfect!
Before you get to the real battle, answer as many practice tests as possible. This will surely help you enhance your skills, not just for Security+ exam but also in most cybersecurity jobs. One of the most reliable exam prep websites at present is PrepAway, which is a notable source of practice tests, training courses,audio guides, and more! Their collection of questions and answers are valid and always updated.

Be one of the few, highly regarded security professionals in the cybersecurity field with the help of CompTIA Security+. But of course, you should first pass its core test - SY0-501 exam. So, bring into reality your professional goals and start planning for the exam!