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Top 10 Water Rec Ideas for Bozemanites

The dog days of summer are fast approaching, and it can get hot in Bozeman. What’s a sweaty Bozemanite to do? Luckily, we are surrounded by rivers and reservoirs that offer ample opportunity to take a dip. Whether you like to fish,…

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Artist Bio

The Gravel Bar

I consider myself a unique kind of adventure-seeker. You’ll find a variety of people under the term “adventure-seeker” in these parts. Some are in it for the hikes into often untouched wilderness, some will hop on a river…

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Favorite Venue? I Like the Tetons

With an assortment of excellent festivals during the summer in the northern Rockies, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but my favorite venue has to be on the west side of the Teton mountain range at Grand Targhee Resort. Tom Garnsey, owner…

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A Summer of Montana Music

Summer’s approach in southwest Montana and beyond brings with it the promise of live outdoor music performances, and the 2017 festival and outdoor concert season is looking promising indeed. Freebies Some of the best things in life are…

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Real Estate

The Zillow Estimate

Zillow is a Real Estate website with a variety of tools and information. Buyers use the website to shop homes for sale. Zillow also offers a “Zestimate” which is their computerized model that generates a home value for individual…

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Letter From the Editor

Decade One

It’s officially time to celebrate. The 121st issue of Bozeman Magazine, originally Bozeman’s Own Monthly Magazine, is here and nearly every previous issue is now archived at MSU’s Renne Library and will be available for…

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Historic Bozeman
What's Your Beef?

The Best Kept Secret

What's Your Beef?

One of the songs I remember from my childhood days in northeastern Montana is “Cool Water” by the Sons of the Pioneers. Yes, for you naysayers, we had radio and records back then, so get over it. Some of the lyrics of that song…

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