Willow Spring Ranch Dinner

Seasonal Montana brings you an unforgettable Montana dining experience at Willow Spring Ranch. The evening begins at 6:30 PM. Dinner is served in the on the ranch under the Bridger Mountains. The menu is written by Chef Melissa Harrison and inspired by the local and seasonal ingredients of Montana. The star of the evening will be certified organic lamb that had at one time been grazing on the same field you will be dining on. Willow Spring Ranch Montana is devoted to producing the healthiest, most mild and tender lamb available. Raised in the mountains of southwest Montana, The lambs grow quickly on rich, green summer pastures and their mothers' milk. That's it - never any hormones, antibiotics or chemicals - just good organic, grass-fed nutrition. Reserve a seat at the Seasonal table and get to know your local lamb producers! Guests will enjoy a custom whiskey cocktail by Bozeman Spirits Distillery, Dean's Zesty Booch (a local Kombucha), and paired wine & local craft beer by Vino Per Tutti with dinner. Live Music by Montana Rose! Attire Please dress Montana Casual and plan for the weather. We will host rain or shine. About Willow Spring Ranch: At Willow Spring Ranch Montana, they strive to produce the most tender, best tasting certified organic lamb possible. They raise grass-fed and finished lamb without added hormones or antibiotics. Aside from a mineral, kelp and salt supplement, required for their well-being, there are no added inputs. Their lambs grow quickly on their mother’s milk and their pastures of native grasses, alfalfa and clover. They work hard to ensure their lambs have low stress, high quality lives — and believe these practices, combined with a careful breeding program and the calcium rich soil of their ranch, are responsible for their incredibly mild and tender lamb. They take pride in the careful management of both their flock and their land. A well-managed grazing program keeps their pastures healthy, provides their sheep with fresh and appealing forage at its nutritional peak, and allows them to avoid the use of chemical fertilizers and herbicides. In addition, they feel they are part of the natural environment here and have a responsibility to preserve what they can. They practice non-lethal predator control with the use of livestock guardian dogs and seek to maintain a balance between the agricultural and wildlife areas of their ranch. Tickets are $138 per adults and $30 per child. Please visit www.seasonalmontana.com/experiences/farm-dinners to reserve a seat.

Cost: $138 per adults and $30 per child


Thu. Jun. 13   6:30-9:30pm

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 Melissa Harrison
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Willow Spring Ranch
8363 Forswall Road, Belgrade, MT 59714
Belgrade, MT 59714