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Pat Hill is a freelance writer in Bozeman. A native Montanan and former advisor to Montana State University’s Exponent newspaper, Pat has been writing about the history and politics of the Treasure State for nearly three decades. He also writes about the region’s burgeoning live music scene, hitting the festival trail in the summer, and seeking out hot springs for rest and relaxation the entire year.

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Mon. Jun. 3rd, 2019

Shroomin': Montana’s Most Edible Mushrooms

by Pat Hill

Springtime in Southwest Montana, especially the first few really warm days, gets me wanting to hunt down and consume wild mushrooms. A few of my favorites make their appearance this time of year. Usually the first mushrooms I am able to…

Mon. Oct. 1st, 2018

Is TheTruth Out There?

by Pat Hill, photos by Joey Wishart

Some Paradise Valley residents have noticed a few quirks in the skies above the beautiful Paradise Valley this year. “I’d seen some odd lights over Hyalite while out walking the dogs in the mornings before, but didn’t really…

Thu. May. 31st, 2018

Hawthorne Roots

by Pat Hill

Bozeman’s Hawthorne Roots band will celebrate the release of their new EP on June 7 at The Filling Station, and the band seems stoked for that event and…

Wed. Feb. 28th, 2018

Hot Springs plus Music equals Paradise

by Pat Hill

Listening to live music and relaxing in natural hot springs may be counted among the finer things in life, and if you are lucky enough to be able to combine the two, the result can be paradise. Three such places can be found within 50 miles…

Wed. Nov. 1st, 2017

A.J. Croce Makes His Dad’s Music Come Alive

by Pat Hill

AJ Croce is making three stops in Big Sky Country early in November, and the singer-songwriter is playing Bozeman’s Ellen Theatre on the 4th.The son of the late singer-songwriter Jim Croce, who died in a plane crash in 1973, the…

Sat. Jul. 1st, 2017

Sweet Pea Festival: More than just tater pigs

by Pat Hill

The first weekend in August brings some big fun in Bozeman, as the 40th Annual Sweet Pea Festival and the 7th annual SLAM Festival coincide in two of the city’s favorite parks. Both of these Bozeman festivals celebrate the arts,…

Thu. Jun. 1st, 2017

A Summer of Montana Music

by Pat Hill

Summer’s approach in southwest Montana and beyond brings with it the promise of live outdoor music performances, and the 2017 festival and outdoor concert season is looking promising indeed. Freebies Some of the best things in life are…

Thu. Jun. 1st, 2017

Favorite Venue? I Like the Tetons

by Pat Hill

With an assortment of excellent festivals during the summer in the northern Rockies, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but my favorite venue has to be on the west side of the Teton mountain range at Grand Targhee Resort. Tom Garnsey, owner…

Wed. Feb. 1st, 2017

Montana Adjusts To New Medical Marijuana Laws

by Pat Hill

In the wake of passage of a citizen initiative restoring Montana’s Medical Marijuana Program, the Treasure State’s medical cannabis providers are operating in a new business climate.Uncertainties have plagued Montana’s…

Thu. Dec. 1st, 2016

Memories of The Mountain

by Pat Hill

My last full ski season began the winter after I graduated from high school. That was in 1976, back when Bridger Bowl only sported three chairlifts and a T-Bar. Back when it used to get cold—and stay that way awhile. Back when it used…

Fri. Sep. 2nd, 2016

Parasite Brings Halt To Yellowstone River Activity

by Pat Hill

Montana’s governor Steve Bullock flew over the upper Yellowstone in the Paradise Valley on August 23, four days after Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks shut the river down tight after learning of thousands of dead Whitefish in the waters…