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Kate works at Bozeman Real Estate Group, a locally owned real estate company in Bozeman that is passionate about the community we live in.

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Tue. Oct. 1st, 2019

Top 10 Activities For Fall in Bozeman

Kate Springer

Fall is such a glorious time here in Bozeman! The colors are beautiful, there’s a chill in the air and everyone is soaking it up before settling in for a long winter. Here are the ten best ways to take advantage of fall in Bozeman.…

Sun. Sep. 1st, 2019

Top 10 Fall Hikes Around Bozeman

Kate Springer

Fall is one of the best times to hike in Bozeman because the tourists have left, making the trails less crowded. The colors as the leaves begin to change are beautiful to see.  Here are ten of the best fall hikes in and around…

Thu. Aug. 1st, 2019

Top 10 Places to Watch the Sunset in Bozeman

Kate Springer

Whether you live here or are just visiting, there’s nothing better than watching the Montana skies light up as the sun sets over Bozeman. Here’s our list of the 10 best places to watch the sunset in Bozeman. The MThis is the…

Mon. Jul. 1st, 2019

Top 10 Ways to Spot a Tourist in Montana

by Brian Ripple, by Kate Springer

There are a lot of tourists floating around Montana these days, especially this time of year. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether that person sporting cowboy boots is a true Montanan or just fresh off the plane. Here’s how you…

Mon. Jun. 3rd, 2019

Top 15 Bozeman Summer Events You Don’t Want to Miss

Kate Springer

Summer is, in our opinion, the best time of the year in Bozeman. There are so many community events going on like outdoor concerts, farmers markets, festivals and car shows. The only hard part is trying to do them all! Here are the summer…

Wed. May. 1st, 2019

Top 10 Bozeman Happy Hour Spots

Kate Springer

The days are getting longer meaning rather than heading home at the end of the workday to hunker down from the cold, everyone is more likely to participate in happy hour! Luckily in Bozeman, there are many great places to choose from and…