July 2020

What's Your Beef? Killer Impact

by Phil Knight

In the 1997 movie thriller Asteroid, an extinction-level impact is predicted as an asteroid is aimed at Earth by a passing comet.  Three aircraft with lasers are scrambled and succeed in breaking up the asteroid though smaller fragments…

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January 2020

What's Your Beef? Are You Stuck Up?

Montana Grant

Few trucks or cars are without a bumper sticker. Some rides are completely covered. Some rigs sport only a couple. Too many bumper stickers are tacky. Bumper stickers display our right and freedom of expression. Finding a sweet spot that is…

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December 2019

What's Your Beef? This is Normal

by Kris Drummond

We live in a culture that cultivates the art of pretending not to know. This could be one definition of privilege. In playing along, we the privileged beneficiaries of the system avert our eyes from injustice, greed, and inhumanity to take up…

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