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November 2018

The ‘Chunch’ Lady Gina Albini

by Jerry Schuster

If you shop for groceries in Bozeman, you have probably seen Gina Albini in action. She is the volunteer head of the free student lunch ministry sponsored by Resurrection Catholic Parish in Bozeman. The home-style meal is served at midday on…

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October 2015

Talking Shop with Bozeman’s Mayor

by Pat Hill

The mayor that Bozemanites elect this November won’t actually begin to serve their term in that capacity until 2017.Instead, the candidate voters send to the seat will serve the first two years of their four-year term as Deputy Mayor, a…

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May 2015

Interview: Jack Horner

Angie Ripple

AR: I grew up in St. Ignatius, Montana and I was wondering, what it was like growing up in Shelby?JH: That’s a good question. The wind blew hard. It was 60 miles to Glacier, so we went over there a lot.AR: Are there a lot of dinosaurs…

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June 2014

Featured Bozemanite: Paul Lachapelle

Liz Krause Williams

In the middle of his three hundred mile walk through the French Alps, Paul Lachapelle pauses to rest on a rock. Pristine air nips with an early morning coolness that suggests summer never fully develops at elevation. The blanket of…

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February 2014

Featured Bozemanite

Dana Elizabeth Eklund

Liz Krause Williams

Dana Elizabeth Eklund grew up in Libertyville, Illinois, a suburb north of Chicago that was named one of the “best places to live for the rich and single” in 2013. I laughed out loud at this random fact. Eklund, who moved to Bozeman in 2007, is the last person I’d peg as a resident of such notoriety. She exhibits a gentleness—a quiet connectedness to her surroundings that fooled me into believing she was a Montana native when we first met. Eklund claims that college brought her to Montana. I contend it was a combination of lacrosse, skiing, and horses.

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