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April 2017

Lets Get Dirty!

I gave a talk last month on getting dirty. You know, the kind of dirt that gets in the soles of your shoes, under your nails and grits in your teeth. (Get your mind out of the sheets, though that’s fun too!). At the talk I passed out…

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February 2017

FREE Family Symphony

The Bozeman Symphony, conducted by Matthew Savery, will perform two free family concerts on Saturday, February 11th, 2017 at Willson Auditorium.  There’ll be fun for the whole family as we romp through a dazzling array of…

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September 2016

Local 4-H Offers Animals & Much More

Robots, Horses & Archery

by Heidi Donnelly

Every summer people all over our country flock to their county fairs to enjoy the rides, foods, entertainment, and a trip through the barns to see the animals. Most of these animals are raised, trained, and shown by local 4-H members who are…

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August 2016

Bozeman - The Sweet Pea City

revised from August 2014 article

by Angie Ripple

Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley have been known as the valley of the flowers since only native Americans roamed the area. In the early 1900’s over 17,000 acres of the valley were planted in edible peas harvested both for canning and…

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June 2016

Fresh Air Fridays

We pressed ourselves against the bus windows, binoculars in hand, looking at the sleeping bear. Is it a grizzly we wondered- to which we have decided, yes it is- and marveled at how in just our first hour in Yellowstone National Park we had…

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May 2016

How Do School Gardens Grow?

Cultivating Young Gardeners with Gallatin Valley Farm to School

A garden is a powerful place. It can transform kids into scientists, artists or mathematicians when concepts they learn in the traditional classroom suddenly become real. Gardens provide the ideal space for experiential learning, engaging all…

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December 2015

Imagine a Cowboy Xmas...

Imagine a morning during the Christmas season where family and friends come together to enjoy the spirit of Christmas in a setting dating back to an earlier century. Imagine walking into the awesome foyer of the elegant, historic Gallatin…

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