July 2016

The Dahl Family’s World War II Experience

Patriotism, Sacrifice, & Victory

Rachel Phillips 

When the United States entered World War II in December 1941, young and old from across America rose to the challenge and did what they could to serve their country. Sentiment was no different in Bozeman, where groups of Red Cross volunteers rolled…

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June 2016

Bozeman’s Historic Trolley Car System

and Montana’s First Interurban Electric Railway

Cindy Shearer

With the arrival of the Northern Pacific Railroad in 1883 progressive Bozemanites began to cast off what they considered rural or uncultured in favor of more urban and upscale living. Log cabins were torn down and were replaced with architecturally…

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May 2016

Put A Little Gravel in Your Travel

Day Trips Steeped in History

Cindy Shearer

Did you know the little Montana town of Ringling was named after the world-famous circus family, the Ringling Brothers? Or that one of the brothers, John, who was one of the richest men in America in the early 1900s, started a ranching empire there…

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April 2016

Bicycles & Taxidermy

Rachel Phillips 

In a century-old photograph, William Ginn proudly poses with six gigantic trout, a hint of a smile on his lips and a sparkle in his eyes. In another image, he is propped up on a bicycle in front of a curtained backdrop, muscles straining for the…

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March 2016

Bozeman Women that Made a Difference

Politics, Poultry N’ Pottery

Cindy Shearer

Mabel Van Meter Cruickshank and her carpenter husband Pete settled in Bozeman in 1899; Mabel was 27. In Bozeman she reared their two sons, James and John, and found time to go back to school at Montana State College subsidizing their family income by…

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February 2016

History of Gallatin County Jails Revealed

Cindy Shearer

Bozeman was not the original county seat for Gallatin County. In 1865, the first Montana Territorial Legislature established counties and designated Gallatin City, located near modern-day Three Forks, as the county seat. Gallatin City held that…

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January 2016

The Rialto Remembered

Bozeman’s Choice Business or Structure You Wish Was STILL Here But Is Gone

Rachel Phillips 

In 1922, the Rialto Theater opened for business in downtown Bozeman while the Roaring Twenties pop culture spread across America. In national entertainment news, Italian-born heartthrob Rudolph Valentino starred in the silent film Beyond the Rocks…

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December 2015

Live up to your license plate Bozeman

Courtney Kramer

October 15 was my last day as Historic Preservation Officer for the City of Bozeman. Rather than the usual article about a place or person important in our community’s history, this article is a soliloquy on the state of cultural resource…

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October 2015

A Haunted Hotel Over The Hill

Pat Hill, photos by Zach Hoffman

The Murray Hotel in Livingston has had many guests since it was first constructed over a century ago, and if the stories are to be believed, it could be that some of them have never left.Originally called the Elite Hotel when it was first constructed…

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