Toxicology, Toxicity, & You What Will Your Toxicology Report Reveal?

Wednesday Nov. 3rd, 2010

Our lives tell a story; each day lived is grouped into chapters, and the longer our days, the more chapters there will be to our lives. Modern day society prefers to categorize our lives in decades – our 20’s, thirties something, middle aged, golden years, 60’s, 70’s, and so on. With each decade (chapter) comes a set of changes, challenges, rewards, and medical hurdles.

Because these chapters bring changes (changes to the physical body as well) not only do our lives tell a story, but our bodies as well. In as much as every single action affects our lives, so everything in our environment affects our physical bodies – either negatively or in a positive manner. The story of our lives and bodies can either be one in the same or completely opposing!

The everyday life of a famed individual can appear to be a life of happiness, great success, and perfect health; but the revealing stories their bodies may tell, can be one of sadness, failure, and disease caused by some form of drug abuse. By reading the chapters of one’s life a great deal can be learned about that individual; however, it is not until a review of the report of the final chapter in which an understanding of the complete story of their lives is gained.

The medical terminology given to the final report each human being will render is a Toxicological Report through a process known as Autopsia. Autopsia is the Greek word from which the English word autopsy is derived; it means “to see for oneself.” No matter what story of one’s life one may present to others, autopsia allows one to see for himself through the story the body will tell.

An autopsy involves the removal and examination of each internal organ. By opening the body and examining the organs, whatever damage done to the body, it will begin to tell a story revealing the causes, amount of damage, and the effects. With the naked eye one can observe and see much. What cannot be observed and determined through the naked eye is discovered through the results of a Toxicological Report.

Because there are many environmental hazardous pollutants which are detrimental to the human body, Toxicology is the branch of science dedicated to the study of the nature, effects, and detection of poisons and the treatment of poisoning. For this reason, it is possible for one to live the story of their lives in a healthy manner, as well as treat their bodies healthy; but still fall prey to toxic poisoning.
Toxicity occurs when a poisonous substance has reached a degree of causing damage to an organism. In referencing Toxicity, it can refer to damage on the whole organism such as toxicity to the whole body, or toxicity to a sub structural level of the organism such as cellular or of an organ. What’s important to note here and is vital for every individual to understand is: “lives are constantly being exposed to poisonous substances every single day!” Poisonous pathogens may enter the body through inhaling, skin absorption, ingesting elements, injection, or eye penetration. But the central concept of the ratio of exposure to the level of damage caused is the amount of the dosage of exposure (damage = dose of exposure). Another way of saying the same thing is: “toxicological effects are dose-dependent!” The level of Toxins in the body can build over time and years due to constant exposure; for example: poisonous exposure over years working in a mine, overdosing from constant drug use within a short period of time, or repeated food poisoning.

There are generally three types of toxic entities: Chemical (inorganic substances, organic compounds, most medications, and poisons from living things), Biological (bacteria and viruses), and Physical. Today, in a modern society, almost everything has the potential to become a toxic substance (insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers, ingredients in cosmetics, food additives, medicinal drugs, the air, water, and soil, including chlorofluorocarbons, acid rain, dioxin, and radioactive isotopes).
The effects of toxic poisoning can range between anything from minor to acute to deadly! Many of the minor ailments suffered today could have its origin from toxic poisoning. Whereas many of the environmental pollutants, chemical use, and bacteria exposure are beyond one’s control, there are some simple safety precautions many can take to lessen the chance or frequency of exposure…
Start with drinking only the purest water you can find with minerals added and a dash of organic sea salt (1/2 of body weight in ounces – ex. a 110lbs person needs 55 ounces of pure water a day).
Locally grown organic vegetables would be highly preferable (thoroughly washed and eaten raw as often as possible).

Limit, if not altogether eliminate, processed foods (boxed, canned, frozen, packaged) try to purchase your food in natural form – seeds, nuts, fruit, veggies, grains.

Animal meat is a high source of growth hormone contamination…limit its use and be very selective; know where your meat comes from.

Start the journey to switching from everyday used products with a chemical base to those natural products safe for human use and safe for the environment.

Practice good hygiene and hand washing, especially before food preparation and consumption.
Remember to cover your mouth when you sneeze/cough/yawn.

A daily dose of Vitamin D, Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and foods rich in the Omega fatty acids are beneficial.

A regular schedule of an exercise program is also very beneficial.
Regular detoxification of the body through an all vegetable and fruit juice (home-made fresh squeezed) diet can aid in ridding the body of already present toxic pathogens.

Know your body! Take out the time to research healthy living and become well informed. Simple minor changes in everyday living can give one’s body a whole new story to tell. Choose two new suggestions from the list every two weeks until you have implemented all changes. That’s only 10 weeks of commitment to get started! That means in as little time as 2 1/2 months…by the first of the New Year, the chapters of your life can be telling a different story! Make it a family, school, or work project. Utilize the Buddy System, a group effort aids in the area of support and the likelihood of sticking with the changes made will be more probable.

Ms. Šahíyena Cheyenne has been a freelance writer since 1989. Her articles have appeared in several local Montana Publications. She has training as a Basic EMT, a CNA, and basic training in Health & Nutrition as a Certified Active Older Adult Strength Trainer and Fitness Instructor with the Y MCA of the U.S.A. and as a Certified Personal Trainer with the Linda Evans Fitness Center. She can be contacted at