What's Your Beef? What Does Friendly Even Mean?

Wed. Apr. 1st, 2020

It happened again the other day.I was a few miles into a leisurely afternoon run when I heard a man shouting, “Don’t worry. He’s friendly!”There are few words less reassuring to a runner.A moment later, the dog was…

Why Owning House Plants is Easy

Wed. Apr. 1st, 2020

Jamie Calloway

You have probably heard “I do not have a green thumb” from a close friend or relative at some point in your life. Who knows, you may have said this yourself. Well, I am here to tell you that anyone can have a “green…

Earth Day Around The House

Wed. Apr. 1st, 2020

by Tim Ford

Since April is the month of Earth Day, it’s also a great time of year to start planning some home improvement projects for the spring and summer. What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by trying to make your home more energy…