Tears Ritual Vision: Grief Work in Gallatin Valley

Fri. Nov. 1st, 2019

by Kris Drummond

“My grief says that I dared to love, that I allowed another to enter the very core of my being and find a home in my heart. Grief is akin to praise; it is how the soul recounts the depth to which someone has touched our lives.To love is…

Your Health Commitment

Sun. Apr. 1st, 2018

by Phil Cameron

As I was talking with Angie about this month’s article in Bozeman Magazine, she told me there was a special wedding section. As it happens, I’m also getting married this April to Katy, the love of my life. I started to think about…

The Mind Body Connection

Thu. Feb. 1st, 2018

by Phil Cameron

The human body is full of mysteries, and everyday science works to try and solve the hidden truths that make each and every one of us unique beings. We have all at times experienced phenomenons that we can’t explain but feel within our…

Top 5 Fitness Tips for Bozemanites

Fri. Dec. 1st, 2017

by Campbell Gerrish

Here are a few tips for your sports, ski, health maintenance, or tool-for-self-discovery fitness training in the New Year! 1 Decide on your “Why.” This is an obvious tip at first, but take a look deeper, and there’s more to…

The Long Winter’s Nap

Fri. Dec. 1st, 2017

by Phil Cameron

If I had to choose a “spirit animal,” I’m pretty sure it would be a bear. Not only do they enjoy the spring, summer and fall outside; they get to enjoy fishing, hunting, and eating huckleberries, getting fat to sleep it off…

How Tough is Tough?

Mon. Oct. 2nd, 2017

by Phil Cameron

We live in a world that loves to portray toughness. It is an American characteristic that is celebrated by all and portrayed by our pastimes of sports, our hard-working executives, and our military! But how tough is tough, and how do we learn…

What You Don’t Eat May Kill You!

Fri. Sep. 1st, 2017

by Phil Cameron

Food is a very big part of our culture. We eat food many times for reasons other than health and nourishment. We have many comfort foods that we consume during special occasions and sometimes for just random fun, like ice cream and cake.…

Skin Safety For Your Outdoor Fun

Wed. Aug. 2nd, 2017

by Phil Cameron

Summer is the best time to be in Bozeman! We rarely have days so hot we are confined to air-conditioned spaces, and it’s easy to find a lot of outdoor recreation to keep us busy and active! Being outside, however, has its risks that we…

Fitness vs Over Training

Sat. Apr. 1st, 2017

by Phil Cameron

Your body isn’t getting any younger. That’s a good thing because if you weren’t getting any older you would have big problems. However nature and gravity are working to pull you back into the ground so you can push up the…

Lets Turn Your Habits Into Indulgences For Better Health

Wed. Mar. 1st, 2017

by Phil Cameron

There are many people who say humans are flawed individuals by nature. I say that humans seek opportunity for pleasure and often ignore the consequences attached to their indulgences until it is to late. Of course everyone likes to feel good,…

Surviving the Winter Blues

Wed. Feb. 1st, 2017

by Phil Cameron

The northwest Rocky Mountains can be a challenge to endure if you are not overly excited about winter, the snow and cold, and dark gray days.  In the mountains, we tend to see more like 6 seasons as opposed to 4. We add falter between…

Montana Adjusts To New Medical Marijuana Laws

Wed. Feb. 1st, 2017

by Pat Hill

In the wake of passage of a citizen initiative restoring Montana’s Medical Marijuana Program, the Treasure State’s medical cannabis providers are operating in a new business climate.Uncertainties have plagued Montana’s…

Acupuncture: A promising, and local option to the opioid crisis

What's Your Beef?

Thu. Dec. 1st, 2016

In a Bozeman Daily Chronicle article published on October 21, 2016 Mike Cotter, U.S. attorney for the district of Montana, reminded us that Montana is not immune to the current national opioid crisis and expressed hope for developing…

OULA Studio Bozeman

Thu. Dec. 1st, 2016

When you first walk into the tucked away OULA Studio Bozeman, right across from Wild Crumb Bakery on Wallace, you will be greeted with hugs and huge smiles, top 40s music pumping from the studio, and chatty women of all ages, body types and…

Keep Your Fires Burning

Thu. Dec. 1st, 2016

by Phil Cameron

Living in Bozeman we get to enjoy some of the best winter activities with the best conditions found anywhere! Winter is a great time of year to be outside and ski, ice skate, ice climb, snowshoe, build a snowman, snow mobile, have a snowball…

Be Your Own Health Advocate

Tue. Nov. 1st, 2016

by Phil Cameron

Lets face it, everywhere we turn we are being bombarded by advertisements and marketing about the newest, latest, greatest, magic bullet to fix all your health care concerns. Unfortunately there is no one thing that will heal your body and…

Have Some Hope With Your Autism Diagnosis

Tue. Nov. 1st, 2016

by Sarah Cairoli

All the debate over diagnosis and misdiagnonis, and vaccinations contributing to the onset of autism spectrum disorder overshadows the real issue: that children and families all over the U.S. and Montana deal with the effects of autism every…

Wagons Don’t Have Seatbelts

Sat. Oct. 1st, 2016

by Phil Cameron

Have you ever started a diet, a new workout routine, a yoga practice and been doing so well but then got sidetracked and let your new diet, routine or practice fall by the wayside? I heard it best from a professor of mine in college,…

Searching for: The Fountain of Youth

Fri. Sep. 2nd, 2016

by Phil Cameron

We all wish for the immortality of youth with endless energy, good health, strength and beauty! There are many people who claim that there are health products and treatments that will restore this vitality and many people are willing to pay…

Are You Using Your “Right” Brain?

Mon. Aug. 1st, 2016

by Phil Cameron

As humans we have a very complex nervous system that controls every aspect of our existence and functions to provide us with knowledge about the environment that we live in. This knowledge about our environment keeps us alive and helps us to…

Spice Up Summer!

Fri. Jul. 1st, 2016

by Phil Cameron

As we fully embrace our Bozeman summer fun there are a couple of ways we can really spice up our diets for some amazing health benefits and also for some wonderful gustatory experiences too. Spices have been used throughout history for making…

Healthy Summer Fun

Wed. Jun. 1st, 2016

by Phil Cameron

As the days turn warmer and the threat of sprinter (spring/winter) snow showers diminish we look forward to those cherished summer days of fun in the sun here in southwest Montana! Summer fun includes camping, fishing, hiking, swimming,…

The Most Epic Journey

Mon. May. 2nd, 2016

by Phil Cameron

I’ll save you the suspense--the most epic journey does not end well, yet it is not a tragedy either. The most epic journey is our journey through life. The journey we are all on has many twists and turns, many different experiences with…

Increasing Your Green

Fri. Apr. 1st, 2016

by Phil Cameron

We have all heard the famous saying by Kermit the Frog, “its not easy being green”, and in a lot of ways that relates to our lifestyle and diet as well. Living a green lifestyle has many positive benefits for our health and for…

Sustainable Life Energy

Tue. Mar. 1st, 2016

by Phil Cameron

One of the most common complaints that people seek healthcare advice and treatment for is fatigue and lack of energy. It is a major problem in our society and has great impacts on our lives and ability to function productively at our jobs, in…

All Relationships Require Good Communication Your Body’s Included

Mon. Feb. 1st, 2016

by Phil Cameron

The most important relationship anyone can have is with your own body. Your body is your vehicle to move through life and accomplish all the things that you want to do. However your body requires constant communication throughout every system…