5 Ways for Students to Spend the Summer Break

Tuesday Jun. 9th, 2020

College can be intense – after a year full of deadlines and interminable school assignments, you should be spending some quality time doing what you like during summer break. There are many options and ideas you could occupy your mind and day with – these ideas might actually benefit you in the long run. But the most important thing is, you should be able to relax. In this article we will discuss some of the activities that might be of interest to you; however, these activities should only be considered after you have taken enough time to ground yourself and relax after such a tough year. Here are some of the options that we came up with.

One of the coolest activities that you can do during summer break is travel! I cannot even tell you how much traveling can change your perspectives, broaden them, and enrich your life overall. I know that this might sound like you need a serious budget, but that myth couldn’t be further from the truth. Traveling can be done on a tight budget if you can divide your expenses right. Here are some tips on how you could travel as a student:

Buy your tickets ahead of time. Do not wait until the last minute to book them. This is important! The more you wait, the more expensive flight prices will get. It is important that you book them at least one month before leaving.

Choose the perfect time to travel. July is probably the worst month to do it. However, late May or early June would be a good option. This is when accommodation is cheaper (not the tourist peak of the year).

As much as you’d like to taste everything new food-wise, you had better stop yourself from doing that. Smells are free, food is expensive.

Book free tours, go on free museum walks, and learn how to ride public transportation.

There are ways in which you can make it work. Please don’t let your finances hold you back from having the best time of your life!

Applying for an internship
Another cool way to spend your summer break is by pursuing an internship. Internships are a great way to help you stay in the right mind-shape during the summer. They will teach you something new and might even help you figure out your career plans. Let’s think of an example. Maybe you are thinking about pursuing either Psychiatry or Psychology and are not sure on how to make that decision. An internship in the Psychiatric/Behavior Unit Department at your local hospital could teach you SO much. After weeks spent in a hospital setting, dealing with patients and being an active observer, you might be able to make up your mind ways easier. As I mentioned, this is just an example, but there are so many other areas this could apply to. Think about your career goals and find questions. Then, apply for internships and learn the answers.

Studying abroad
Studying abroad is the best way to combine education and travel. It could be another option for traveling abroad, especially if you have stricter parents (they might be more willing to pay for study abroad than a random Europe trip). If you decide to do this during the summer, you have to start the application process at your university as soon as you can. Also, you should be able to choose from all the countries that your college has partnerships with, so choose one that stands out to you. Don’t settle for what others might think is right for you. Choose something that you like.

There are so many ways in which you could become a volunteer! In the end, it only depends on your goals. You could stay at home and volunteer for one of your local organizations. This could be an amazing learning experience for you (and maybe a side of your local area that you did not know about).

The other option you have is traveling abroad to volunteer. There are many programs out there that could help you with the process. Just check a website that publishes essays on social issues 
and apply. Some of these organizations might charge serious money; however, they have various discounts for students and even scholarships you could apply for, so don’t give up on your dream! If you want to change the environment and explore new cultures, summer break is the time to do that.

Learning something new
Last but not least, learning a new skill and developing new qualities is definitely something you should be looking into. Maybe you have a strong desire to learn how to cook or maybe you just want to learn how to train dogs. Whatever your passion is, go for it, and learn something new during this summer. This could be the perfect break from your daily (school) routine. 

You could travel, study abroad, get an internship, volunteer, or learn something new to make your summer more fun! Good luck and have fun – now it’s the time!

Robert Everett is a freelancer and world traveler. He volunteers and writes books on various social issues. In his free time, Robert likes mountain climbing, hiking, and reading.