Sun Wind Snow Launches New Skin Care Line

Tuesday Oct. 1st, 2019

BOZEMAN, MT -- 1 October 2019 -- Sun Wind Snow LLC announced today its initial product line of natural skin care products designed to provide an integrated solution for active outdoor people. SWS’ All Weather DefenseTM SPF 30 Sunstick leads its 9-product suite.

Dr. Holly Thompson founded Sun Wind Snow in her kitchen in Bozeman, MT to address the needs of people with outdoor lifestyles who want naturally active skincare products that are good for their skin and make their skin feel good. She has developed a range of premium products that include natural and organic ingredients that are based on Chinese and Ayurvedic dermatologic herbs designed to protect, nourish, and restore skin that has been exposed to the elements.

“I have been making my own lotions for years,” Holly explained, “because I want my own skin to feel as good as I do when I come back inside from outdoor adventures. Friends and colleagues have confirmed our research that it is hard to find products that meet the needs of active women throughout their adventuring years. They want solutions that are healthy for their skin, are vibrant, and feel good. So after tweaking our formulas to improve the products based on feedback from our beta testers, we started Sun Wind Snow to meet this demand. We will also promote a sense of community for mature women who love the outdoors to support an active and healthy lifestyle with other older women.”

Sun Wind Snow LLC kicked off its community support for outdoor lifestyles with its recent sponsorship of high-profile sailing and golfing events in Marblehead, MA and Bethpage, NY.

In addition to its sunscreen, the SWS product suite has products that include botanically-derived active ingredients. Outdoor enthusiasts and others whose lifestyles take them outdoors may order the products and find out more information at the Company’s online store: