Montana High School Students Invited to Shop for Colleges and Win Scholarship Money

Monday Sep. 9th, 2019

18 College Fairs throughout the state will feature anywhere from 60-80 higher education institutions and $1,000’s of scholarship money given away.

The Montana Post Secondary Educational Opportunities Council (MPSEOC) will host three weeks of college fairs throughout Montana beginning September 9th (schedule attached).  MPSEOC has conducted statewide college fairs since 1987.  As many as 11,000 high school seniors and/or juniors will attend the fairs with their classmates, families, and guidance counselors.

The college fairs give students an opportunity to contemplate their options after high school.  Students can visit with representatives from in-state and out-of-state colleges and universities, technical and trade schools, and military branches.


“The best tip I can give a high school student with regard to their post-secondary plans is to check out all of their options.  College fairs allow students to see exactly what is out there and fuels excitement about finding the best fit for them,” said Amy Leary, MPSEOC Executive Director. “These statewide fairs also help emphasize the quality and variety of colleges and universities available in Montana.  With 25 accredited higher education institutions in our state, students are bound to find something that works for them."

Although the fairs are geared to high school students, they are open to the general public and parents are encouraged to attend as well!  Anyone who is interested in pursuing post-secondary education is welcome to attend.

Another highlight of the college fairs is the College Ca$h Scholarship Program.  The College Ca$h Program gives away 1000’s of scholarship dollars to students across the state.  The scholarships are awarded by a random drawing from the names of students who attend the college fairs.  Both high school juniors and seniors are eligible to sign up. The scholarships are made possible by the donations from sponsors.  These sponsors and partners are:  Montana University System – Student Financial Services, GEAR UP, the Office of Public Instruction, Reach Higher Montana, and the Montana Post Secondary Educational Opportunities council (MPSEOC).

   |  Eastern Region College Fairs:  September 9  12, 2019
   |  Central Region College Fairs:  September 16 
 19, 2019
   |  Western Region College Fairs:  September 23 
 26, 2019

       *See the detailed schedule of events attached.

Each September, we ask everyone to join in the annual celebration by showing their support for our Montana students.  Therefore, we have extended an invitation to all Montana communities to join in this three week College Fair Tour by joining in the “Support Students Month” to show their support of Montana students.  On behalf of all Montana colleges and universities, we invite you, your employees, your school faculty and staff, and communities across Montana to participate in this Montana celebration to support Montana’s students together.  What an incredible opportunity to encourage higher education by promoting education through those most visible to our Montana students, the faculty, staff and administrations in our schools.  We hope you will participate and encourage others in your area to do the same.  The goal of this statewide celebration is to encourage staff, faculty, administration, parents, and community members to wear a shirt or clothing representing the college they attended (preferred).  They could also choose to represent an institution nearest their community or simply choose a college or higher education program they are a fan of or support.  Our hope is to have a tremendous cross-section of higher education from all Montana institutions represented as well as many out-of-state colleges, private universities, ivy-league institutions, training programs, etc. represented also.  Help us show students all of their options after high school!  Help us support Montana students together!  To show your support of Montana students by spreading the word, wearing your college gear, and/or donating a $1.00, visit: .   Together we can help Montana students reach their dreams!

We hope you will join in this Montana celebration, and we hope to see you at this year’s Montana College Fairs!