Organizations in Bozeman to host 50th Anniversary of Apollo Moon Landing Parties

Tuesday Jul. 9th, 2019

The Montana Science Center (MSC) is excited to host a Family Science Day for the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing on July 20th. This event will be one of several community-wide events celebrating this moment in history. Events will be held at the American Computer and Robotics Museum, Bozeman Public Library and the Montana Science Center. Astronaut Loren Acton, will attend several of the events throughout the day including joining the American Computer and Robotics Museum’s event, and then attending the Montana Science Center event.

The event at MSC will be hosted all day, from 9:30am to closing at 5:00pm with special events from 11am – 2pm. The Science Center will feature space science and rocket activities throughout the day at the Science Station and MakerPlacer. During this time, the Science Center will feature activities such as stomp rockets, a moon landing photo booth, creating a “moon step” out of moon dough, creating a galaxy out of slime, trying out astronaut food and more. The moon landing footage will also be playing throughout the day and guest speakers will join in on storying telling of their experience in 1969.

MSC’s Executive Director, Abby Turner, states, “The Science Center is excited to be one of several organizations that created opportunities for the community to come together and celebrate a critical moment in our history’s innovation. This collaboration around Bozeman will acknowledge not only an auspicious date in history, but also the interactive programs available to the community for all ages.”

The Apollo 11 Moon Landing Party at MSC is open to the public and free with admission. Families will be able to explore the science center as well. The Montana Science Center is located at 202 S. Willson St. For more information, please contact Abby Turner at (406)522- 9087, or see our website at