Top 8 Medical Positions in Montana

Wednesday May. 1st, 2019

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The medical field industry is growing drastically and the state of Montana is like other states across the country who are in need of new workers. The demand for medicine and the practice of medicine expands every day. Jobs are left unfilled as the industry grows too fast, resulting in at least 50% of jobs being vacant.

Montana has contributed to the overall expansion rate of the healthcare field and will continue to contribute significantly in the future to come. The education available in Montana is abundant as there are over 25 colleges that offer the best healthcare programs. While the Health Works Institute has the highest graduation rate of 96%, Montana State University has the highest acceptance rate.

With changes in healthcare and the increase in healthcare availabilty opens the door for many well-paying positions in the medical field. We often think of physicians and other professional level occupations as the most popular medical positions when, in fact, nurses and support occupations have the highest employment rates.

Entry level positions are often accompanied by academic requirements and aren’t usually as easy to get without previous education or certification. Going through a formal training program should be considered when trying to decide a position in the medical field. Training is usually finished within a year. Consider the appropriate training programs in Montana to receive the specified skills needed for the position you’re wanting to obtain. There are opportunities for healthcare positions in Montana and the best locations to find a career in health medicine include:

Billings, MT
Great Falls, MT
Missoula, MT

Nursing Assistant
The most demanded career in the medical field is the nursing assistant (CNA) as there is a constant need for the patient's needs. Clients in need of basic care require a CNA to assist them. Most CNAs are responsible for the collection and record of a patient's vital signs and assistance with any movement or transferring between their bed. It is also important for a certified nurse assistant to give their patients assistance with hygienic matters and feeding if needed.

Annual median wage: $27,520.
Employment in Montana: 6,100

Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurse
Licensed nurses are required to work closely with patients and nursing staff to see patient care plans through. They are similar to CNA in the responsibility to assist patients with bathing, dressing, and feeding and are supervised by a Registered Nurse. The work environment varies from hospitals and nursing homes to hospice and correctional institutions.

Annual median wage:  $42,690
Employment in Montana: 2,470

Dental Assistant
A dental assistant is the most comprehensive in the dental office, responsible for the assistance in delivering the quality of oral health care in the dental office. Interpersonal and communication skills along with technical and hands-on ability are especially important to make a great dental assistant.

Annual median wage: $37,050
Montana employment: 1,340

Pharmacy Technician
Pharmacy technicians work closely with pharmacists in hospitals and drug stores to help ensure patients get the specified medication and are knowledgeable about it. As pharmacies grow patient services provided, the role of a pharmacist technician will grow as well.

Annual median wage: $34,290
Montana employment: 1,100

Health Information Technician
Health Information technicians ensure the quality of medical records and specialize in coding diagnoses and procedures in patient records for research. Most health information technicians work in a hospital environment while some are employed at nursing homes, mental health facilities, and office-based physician practices.

Annual median wage: $38,280
Montana employment: 1,210

Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic
Prehospital care and emergency medical services work in ambulances, helicopters, fire trucks, and hospital emergency rooms to assist patients in medical emergencies. EMTs and Paramedics both provide help to others in the state of emergency and possess the skills to do so. Emergency Medical Technicians are skilled in giving patients oxygen, administering glucose for diabetes and helping with asthma attacks and allergic reactions.  While paramedics are more advanced and have the skills to administer medications and start IVs.

Annual median wage: $33,220
Montana employment: 700

The person that is trained to draw blood from a patient for medical testing is called a phlebotomist. The collection of blood is primarily retrieved by performing venipunctures or finger sticks. This position is revolved around blood regardless of work environments or patients.

Annual median wage: $32,730
Montana employment: 350

Physical Therapist
Movement and recovery experts are referred to as physical therapists as they are responsible for the patient’s understanding of how to maintain or prevent a condition through prescribed exercise, hands-on care and patient education. Many physical therapists practice in hospitals but most practice in outpatients clinics, rehabilitation facilities, homes, schools, and educational research centers.

Annual median wage: $46,430
Montana employment: 160