Celebrating 40 Years, the Co-op is Planting 40 Trees in Two Bozeman Locations

Tuesday Apr. 23rd, 2019

 Trees for Bees

40 Years — 40 Trees

This year marks the Community Food Co-op’s 40th anniversary.

To celebrate, they are planting 40 pollinator-friendly trees at two locations in Bozeman.

Partnering with the City of Bozeman Forestry Division and Happy Trash Can Curbside Composting, the Co-op will plant 20 trees at Langhor Park (near the community gardens) and 20 trees at the Bozeman Sports Complex on Baxter Lane.

Why bees? This species is critical to all of us. They pollinate much of the food we eat. Unfortunately, bee populations are in global decline. Industrial agriculture, insecticides and habitat loss due to climate change play a role in their dwindling numbers.

“These trees are a gift to our community,” said marketing manager Alison Grey Germain. “In addition to providing bee habitat, they will also help offset our business’ carbon footprint.”

The Co-op is hosting a tree planting event on Saturday, May 11 at 10 am at two locations (Langhor Park and the Bozeman Sports Complex) and are looking for volunteers.

Find more  info on their website:https://www.bozo.coop/co-op-blog/front/trees-for-bees