Logjam Presents the ELM A World Class Concert Venue in Bozeman, MT

Monday Mar. 4th, 2019

Montana based concert promoter Logjam Presents has begun construction on a new 1,500 capacity venue in Bozeman, Montana. The state-of-the-art facility will be located at 506 Seventh Avenue in Bozeman’s midtown district.  The name of the new venue will be the ELM.

Logjam Presents owner Nick Checota provided some insight into the name of the new venue. “In honor of the long-standing tradition of naming venues after people, my wife Robin and I selected a name that pays tribute to our three children. Additionally, we choose a name that we believe creates a brand that fits the esthetic design of the venue.”

Continuing its reputation of redefining the live music experience,  the Logjam team has designed the ELM to create a world-class experience for artists and concertgoers.

“Through the experience of Logjam with its other owned venues  -- the Top Hat, the Wilma and the KettleHouse Amphitheater -- we have learned that the esthetic and functional design is an integral part of the concertgoer experience. We feel our investments in acoustic treatments, production capabilities, functional design and the overall architectural statement are critical success factors of a world-class venue,” says Checota.

Construction for the new venue will begin on Monday, March 4, 2019, with a grand opening of the ELM scheduled for winter 2020. To stay current on venue updates and event announcements, patrons can sign up for the Logjam Presents newsletter on logjampresents.com (direct link) and follow @elmbozeman on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

For interviews and press inquiries, please contact Nick Checota at nick@logjampresents.com or by phone at (406) 544-7440. Additional images available upon request. 

About Logjam Presents

Logjam Presents is a independent, Montana-based venue operator and promoter of entertainment events and private functions. The Missoula-based owners of Logjam Presents own the 1,500 capacity Wilma, the 4,500 capacity KettleHouse Amphitheater and the 600 capacity Top Hat Lounge -- all three venues located in greater Missoula. Logjam is also the exclusive promoter for the Missoula’s 10,000 capacity outdoor stadium Ogren Park. With an exclusive focus on the Montana music scene, Logjam Presents is committed to creating a world-class customer experience in state-of-the-art venues. For more information visit www.logjampresents.com.