Roads reopen around SOBO Lofts after fire

Friday Feb. 15th, 2019

Bozeman officials will reopen road closures that were in place all day Thursday and most of Friday. Roads will open by 5 PM on February 15, 2019. The closures, which were located along Babcock between 6th and 8th avenues and 7th avenue between Olive and Main, were put in place for the safety of emergency responders and Bozeman citizens during a fire of an under construction building known as SOBO Lofts.

The Bozeman Fire Department will continue to monitor the area but at this point there is no longer a need for an onsite presence. The area has been safely secured by a fence.

The Bozeman Fire and Police departments are continuing their investigation into the origin and cause of the fire however the property has been turned back over to the owner. Both Bozeman Fire and Police Departments will continue to collaborate and communicate with the owner and their insurance companies as the investigation moves forward.

There has been no determination as to the cause of the fire at this point.