WSE Elects New Board Leadership

Friday Feb. 8th, 2019

Big Timber-area rancher, Roger Indreland, was elected on February 2 to chair Western Sustainability Exchange’s Governing Board, according to executive director Lill Erickson. WSE is a Livingston-based nonprofit that promotes regenerative agricultural methods throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

Indreland and his wife Betsy own Indreland Ranch north of Big Timber and operate the Crazy Mountain Beef Company. He grew up on the ranch and has a bachelor of science degree in Farm and Ranch Economics from MSU. The Indrelands first became involved with the nonprofit when they sold their beef at WSE’s Livingston Farmers Market. His ranch later received WSE’s Sustainability Certification recognizing their outstanding management of their land. In 2008, Indreland joined the WSE’s board of directors to share his ranching knowledge and skills. “ I think I bring a family rancher’s and out-of-the-box thinker’s perspective to WSE,” Indreland says. “What I love about WSE is its ability to connect the dots between the landscape and people and the future.”

Indreland is joined by newly elected Vice Chairman Jim Evanoff. Evanoff was Environmental Protection Specialist for Yellowstone National Park for 22 years and worked at five national parks during his 32-year career at the National Park Service. He was responsible for launching a recycling and compost initiative in Yellowstone that has been replicated in many other national parks across the country. He worked with surrounding counties and the state of Montana to secure funding for a $4 million composting facility outside of West Yellowstone that accepts Yellowstone’s garbage, converting it to rich compost each year. He became active with WSE when he showcased these and other initiatives at WSE’s annual Sustainability Fairs. “What I bring to WSE is my in-depth knowledge and understanding and connections with this entire ecosystem because I cross between federal, state and local governments as well as private industry to promote environmental stewardship in this entire region…. I bring connections so that WSE can further advance its mission,” Evanoff said.

The executive board is rounded out by Board Secretary, Jessie Knowles, and Board Treasurer Dylan Hoffman. Knowles is a Business Analyst at Printing for Less. She does project management for software development, so WSE relies on her technical expertise and project management skills to further their work.

Dylan Hoffman is the Director of Sustainability at Xanterra Parks & Resorts in Yellowstone National Park. Under his steerage, Xanterra has won the National Park Service Environmental Achievement Award and the Department of Interior Environmental Award. He is most proud of Xanterra’s Canyon lodging redevelopment project, the largest sustainable design and construction project in the National Park Service’s history. Hoffman says, “We were able to provide a great enhanced guest experience while doing so with sustainable design and construction in mind.” Regarding WSE’s work, Hoffman adds, “I think that one of the biggest projects is the Montana Grassland Carbon Initiative, and that’s something that WSE, Xanterra, NativeEnergy, and our ranchers are heavily involved in and really excited to bring to fruition.” The initiative will provide carbon offset payments to ranchers who use regenerative grazing methods to increase soil and grassland health that pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and sequester the carbon deep underground.

WSE’s board also added new board member Brittany Masters, a bison rancher and co-founder of Roam Free, a regenerative bison ranch and meat snack company in Western Montana. A strategic marketer by trade and entrepreneur at heart, Masters is passionate about developing brands and health-centric products. Before launching Roam Free in 2016, she spent nine years as a marketing director at the Boeing Company. During that time, she also launched a paleo food company in Dubai and finished her MBA at Seattle Pacific University. Brittany is passionate about improving our food system and regenerating our #1 most endangered ecosystem, native grasslands, which makes her a perfect fit for WSE.

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