3 Day Event - AMEN Free Clinic in Bozeman, Montana

Friday Sep. 7th, 2018

A FREE 2-Day Dental, Vision and Medical Clinic is coming to the Gallatin County Fairgrounds on October 19th & 21st, 2018.

Clinic hours will be: 8 am-4 pm on Friday and Sunday.
Professionals will be available to help with dental, vision, medical needs and additional services:

  • Eye exams with prescription and free glasses

  • Dental fillings, cleanings and extractions

  • General medical services, diabetes and blood pressure screenings.

  • Flu shots provided by Albertsons

  • All services are free of charge

  • We do not require proof of insurance, immigration status, employment, or income

• Patients will be cared for on a first come, first serve basis

Please visit our website at amenbozeman.org and look for patient information at the top Find us on Facebook at facebook.com/amenbozeman